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Growing online by reaching the right target group with the right message: that is content marketing. Creating a bond between your brand and your customer, tapping into new markets and convincing potential customers. That is exactly what SEO Content does for you.

Growing with content marketing

Strong brands don't just sell, they are in constant contact with the customer. And they don't do that by constantly placing sales-oriented advertisements. No, they build their image by offering added value.

In content marketing, the added value lies in extra information that is useful for the customer. This could be tips & tricks, a white paper or an e-book, or the story behind the brand. But also novelties that are shared via newsletters or social media. A company that invests in content marketing binds customers in the long term.

SEO Content manages your online marketing campaign by bringing relevant information to your target audience, at the right time and through the best channel. Which channels those are, is something we look at together. We create a content calendar so you know exactly what you are going to share and when.

Content marketing

Winning with social media

So much has already been written about the importance of social media for businesses. And yet, we want to repeat the message here: there are few other ways to get so close to your (potential) target group and consciously interact with them.

That's right, whoever your target group is, your customers are active online. Almost everyone can be approached through social media, so make use of it! Together with you, we look at who your target group is and through which channels they can best be reached. We determine the story we need to tell and work it out for you from A to Z.

Content marketing only becomes really strong when you make good use of the various channels. It makes little sense for a social media campaign to refer to your website if there is hardly any additional information to be found there.

At SEO Content we take care of your entire content marketing story. We make sure your website has enough relevant information and then through targeted actions we attract more visitors to your site. In addition, with search engine optimisation, we make sure that your different pages also score high in Google.

Content marketing is therefore much more effective than traditional advertising. The added value you give in your message creates trust and that message can be spread in a very targeted way. Do you want to grow online and keep customers? Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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