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    5 good reasons to have a blog

    Blogs, the number's growing every day. There is no longer a theme to be found or a blog has been written about it. And although you can expect that we are gradually becoming saturated, individuals and companies continue to invest in blogging for the internet. They have a good reason for doing that! We give you 5 good reasons to create a blog.


    You want to share something with the world and create a blog for it. It is still the main reason to blog. Blogger, Blogspot, Blogtrommel and dozens of other websites help you to get your story online in a nice layout.

    Of course, creating a blog requires some discipline: only blogs with sufficient new input are really followed. If you want to start a blog yourself, think about the theme. Do you have enough knowledge and information to write something new on a regular basis? Is your subject broad and dynamic enough to remain interesting and relevant?

    Blogs about cooking, travel, interior design, films and new products always score well. At least if they are interesting, informative and well written. Do you want to share something with the world but you don't get it properly expressed? Then it's best to use a copywriter. They write your story for the target group you want to reach.


    Blogging as customer loyalty

    Suppose you have a clothing store and you want to do more for your customers than just sell trousers, shirts and sweaters. Then creating a blog is an excellent choice to share additional information with your client.

    For example, you can create a blog about how best to maintain their new wool sweater. You give tips on washing, drying and other tricks that will make your sweater look like new for as long as possible. Or you write a piece about the origins of your collection.

    So your customer doesn't just buy a garment, he buys a story. And with your relevant tips and stories, he remains curious about all the beautiful things you still have in your collection. But a cleaning company can also give cleaning tips, a sports shop training advice. With a blog you give them just that extra bit of added value and you can easily build your own employer branding.

    Be found online

    How does creating a blog help you gain more online visibility? Actually, the answer is simple: today, we are all increasingly looking for information via the Internet. If you want to know something, type your question in Google and you will immediately get the answer.

    Imagine you bought a woolen sweater and you want to know how to maintain it best. You search in Google for something like 'maintain wool sweater' and the search engine will show you the websites that offer the best answer to your question.

    Our clothing store from before was so smart to make a blog with that kind of information. As a result, Google displays the website of the store as relevant information. In this way, our shop gets a new potential customer on the site who, thanks to the blog, can get to know the other clothing products in the range.

    Actually, creating a blog also means promotion, you just don't have to spend fortunes on advertising budgets. If you want to be seen today, it is best to make sure there is enough relevant information on the site to attract visitors. It's called search engine optimization, but we'll go into that in the next post.

    Blogging makes you more communicative!

    Creating an interesting blog is not only good for others, it also makes you better. By writing you use a lot of creativity that keeps your mind fresh and healthy. You look for relevant information and convert it into an understandable language. Writing keeps you alert and a blog is of course the ultimate way to publish short pieces of information.

    In this way you will also quickly learn which messages catch on and which do not. You learn to understand how readers react and you adapt accordingly. And finally: by writing everything down in a blog you get to know your product or theme even better. If you want to talk about it later, you will see that it is easier to find your words and that you talk more fluently. 

    Get in touch with your customer

    As with social media posts, you can invite your (potential) customers to respond to your blog posts. Do they have any comments? Or extra questions about what you just said? Do they find the theme interesting or are they looking for other information?

    Creating a blog to which customers can respond teaches you a lot as a company. What’s in the minds of your customers? What questions do they have for you? You can use that information to modify your products or services.

    By the way, such a blog is also easy to share via social media, which allows you to reach a greater potential. More customers who get in touch with your organization and the information you share. That's a double win!

    Do you want to know more about the importance of creating a blog or are you looking for a copywriter who can tell your story in a blog? Don't hesitate to contactme!

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