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    How to get rich with these tips from Elon Musk!

    Unfortunately, I don't have any tips from Elon Musk that will make you rich. But the title does invite you to read the article, doesn't it? In this blog post, I want to talk about the importance of a catchy title. Because we pay so much attention to the content of a text, but the title determines whether someone reads your message or not.

    Write a good title

    Walk past a rack of magazines in a bookshop. Shelves full of covers trying to catch your attention. And they have only two trump cards in their hands: the graphic design and ... the titles on the front page.

    A title determines whether you will take the magazine from the rack. If the content of the article reflects what the title promises, you might buy the magazine. But if the title does not arouse your curiosity, the magazine will remain untouched.

    Those who read the newspaper do exactly the same: you read the titles and if one grabs your attention, you read the article. On average, 80% of readers stay with the title. So only 20% will eventually read your message.

    On websites, it goes even faster. Every day we scroll through hundreds of titles and if they don't immediately grab our attention, the writer has missed the target. Whoever writes commercial texts to convince customers should pay enough attention to a catchy title!

    How do you write a catchy title?

    So what makes a good title? There are some tools that make it easy to write a catchy title. Let me give you my list of tips:

    • Be specific: No matter how creative with words you are, don't use constructions that seem very abstract in your title. If the reader does not immediately know what it is about, he will not read your text either.
    • Make a promise: Especially for a commercial text, the 'what's in it for me'principle applies. What does the reader gain from reading your piece? Titles such as "this will make you rich quicker" or "these tips will really help you lose weight" appeal to a wide audience.
    • Don'tmake it too difficult: use words like "6 simple tips for a better life", "rejuvenate your memory in 10 quick steps", "lose 15 kilos in just 2 months". So you give your reader a formula for success. Using figuresalso works very well. It makes it all even more concrete.
    • Dare to shock: Those who are challenged are a lot more attentive. Think of a title like '10 reasons why your life is chaotic, and what you can do about it'. Presenting your title as a statement instead of a question really works!
    • Don'tmake your title too long. I know it's not easy to fit so many concrete things into one compact title. And yet, a good title is not too long. 5 to 10 words should be enough to give your message without boring your reader.
    • Finally, a strong title needs a rock-solid introduction: suppose you have put a lot of energy into a dynamic, powerful title, then of course you do not want the reader to lose interest once he starts reading your text. So make sure your introduction is spot on! Refer to the title, repeat your promise and keep the pace up.

    These 6 tips will get you started! Are you looking for a catchy title and are you a bit stuck? Then feel free to contactme!

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