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    How to write a good vacancy?

    Anyone who has ever looked for work has undoubtedly read dozens, maybe even hundreds of job advertisements. All of them are advertisements in which employers advertise themselves and where you will end up in a young and dynamic team, with lots of training opportunities and growth potential.

    They are looking for employees who are flexible and receive a competitive salary. But what do you know about this as an applicant? Because too many vacancies look almost the same so how do you make the difference? In this blog post we give tips for a vacancy with which you as an employer can make the difference.

    Which job title to use?

    Many applicants use search engines like Google or Bing to find a job. To do so they look for job titles they know. So choose a common job title for your vacancy. If you use specific titles within your company that don't mean anything to outsiders, don't put them in your job posting.

    But at the same time be specific enough. An account manager is a typical job title, but be sure to include what it specializes in. A sales representative in the ICT sector is someone completely different from someone who sells agricultural machinery.

    ‘Expert' is also a title we like to use. But what does it mean? Are you looking for a financial expert, a legal expert, an expert in business management or someone who assesses car damage after an accident?

    Then get straight to the point: describe in one sentence what the purpose of the job is. This will make it clear to the candidate if he/she sees something in the job. Explain what a working day in this job looks like. And then briefly outline what the candidate really needs to be able to do.

    In doing so, avoid empty words and catch-all terms like "flexible attitude" or "no 9-to-5 mentality" because everyone uses those and it doesn't say that much. By the way, I have yet to meet an employer who doesn't ask for flexibility.

    Take care of your employer branding

    Job postings that begin with a comprehensive description of the company, it's a common mistake. "We are the market leader", "our company is the specialist", "we are the number 1"... All well and good, but what's in it for me, as a candidate? What is the company culture like? Why should I choose your organization to work for?

    Today more than ever, a good atmosphere and a pleasant working environment are the factors that make the difference. Do you spoil your employees with the finest coffee, is there a basket of fresh fruit waiting for them every day, do you organize afternoon activities to strengthen the team spirit? That is exactly what attracts creative candidates. It's part of your organization's values and they are increasingly important to candidates. Be sure to put those in the spotlight!

    And of course you mustn't forget the offer: give (if possible) an indication of the salary and list the extra benefits. If you have a fixed training program, mention that too. And what about the possibility of working from home, something we have suddenly changed since 2020.

    What must not be missing in a job posting?

    Finally, we would like to mention what you should definitely not miss in a job posting:

    • A powerful title that attracts attention when the candidate scrolls through hundreds of vacancies
    • A clear job title that immediately tells the candidate what the job entails
    • Short job description that immediately gives the candidate an idea of his/her future working day
    • The values of the organization, because these determine to a large extent the match between company and candidate
    • Your offer with more information about what the employee may expect

    Good luck with writing your vacancy! Do you need help? Then feel free to contact me.


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